Biographical Information
 Breaunna Womack (better known as Miss Babydoll or simply just Babydoll) was born March 23, 1995 
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Bre at photoshoot 2014

making her the oldest Officially Miss Guided member.She joined the group in 2011 when she was discovered on Youtube dancing to Ego by Beyonce. She was born in Alabama. She lives part-time in 

Mobile,Alabama and Atlanta,Georgia. She was in a dance group in Alabama. She is the rapper of the group. She is from Dominican and African Descent. Her p
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Bre in Rehearsal 2014

  • Bre performing at AATW
  • Bre & RJ
  • Bre's Natural Hair
  • Bre & Her Friends
  • Bre & Nique
  • Bre with box braids
  • Bre & RJ Prom 2012
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Bre & RJ (Her Boyfriend)

ersonality is described to be fun, caring, and blunt.

Social MediaEdit

Instagram: @my_dollhouse

Keek: @babydollhouse

Twitter: @babydoll_omg

Shots: @thepurplerain